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This Joe and Natashia thing… oh boy.

I want Joe to be happy. I do.

When it comes to Joe’s girlfriends, I’m very picky.

For example, I didn’t mind him with Taylor during the time they were together. When they broke up and she went crazy, I lost all respect for her.

Camilla Belle was the worst by far. She was not good enough for Joe in any way. She was using him. And it was so obvious.

Demi… was just clingy. And was way more into Joe than Joe was into her.

Ashley was the only one that I thought worked with Joe. They both understood each other. And they got each others’ schedules.

I am by no means a Jashley fan, but I thought he was in a happy and normal relationship with her.

This Natashia girl. I don’t know enough about her. The only things I know about her is that she is a Playboy bunny and a go go girl? And she licked some girl’s vagina? And does drugs? Those are the rumors I have heard at least. If these are true, I’m not saying that she isn’t a great person. I just don’t like the idea of her being with Joe.

And I know I hold Joe up on a pedestal and I shouldn’t do that. But I just feel like he deserves so much better.

I don’t know if they’re actually together. And I don’t for how long, if they are. And I know I shouldn’t judge this girl. She could be amazing. And Joe could be the happiest he’s ever been.

But I just don’t support it right now.

And I have decided — since I’ve gotten SO into Joe’s past relationships. And every time, I am just upset and angry about the situation — I am not even going to acknowledge this relationship.

As far as I know, it’s not real. :)

(These are all of my opinions; if you don’t agree, I completely understand. No worries. Feel free to express your opinions on the topic, too. :D)